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Al Phillips with wife and daughter

As a devoted family man, Al Phillips, adores his beautiful 8 year old daughter Elizabeth and cherishes his beautiful and supportive wife of 10 years, Jane.

Like most Californians, Al has worked hard to provide for his family. As a Union Carpenter he has helped build this great state of California, having risen through the ranks from Apprentice to Construction Superintendent. Al has served as a Trustee to his Local union and as a delegate to both the Regional Council of Northern California and to the international convention. Al understands the value of hard work and paying his fair share.

A lifelong Republican and union craftsman, Al is seeking to represent Assembly District 16 in Sacramento because he believes in the values, freedoms and liberties that are shared by all patriotic Americans: "rank & file" tradesmen and hardworking employers and employees who make California work.

Al believes in:
Smaller government
Lower taxes for every citizen and all businesses
Property rights
Constitutional right to keep and bear arms
Freedom of religion
Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech includes speaking against Union Leadership who continue to support candidates who vote to crush jobs with burdensome regulations.

Like many families in construction and in the community at large, Al has faced and overcome challenges in his early life and has learned that the best way to prevail is by accepting personal responsibility and accountability, not by relying on handouts from the government.

Active in Local Government


Al Phillips speaking

Al has been actively involved with local boards and committees in the city of Livermore, and he also serves on the Bay Area Air Quality Management Board where he works to stop unnecessary regulations that are crippling our economy. As your representative, he will continue to fight burdensome regulations, conduct audits of government administrative offices with the intent to eliminate repetition and to work to keep government planning at the local level.

Our state is the 9th largest economy in the world, yet CEO’s have ranked California the worst place to do business. Al plans to use his no-nonsense, hard-working characteristics and personality to get this state back to number one in education, safety and quality of life.

Community Sponsorships

Al is dedicated to representing and supporting the local community. The “Al Phillips for Assembly 2012” committee is a proud sponsor of the City of Livermore Fireworks in 2012.


Contra Costa Republican Party
Alameda County Republican Party
California Republican Party

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